Pre-Sales Service

It is the discovery and consultancy service we provide to our customers who have electrical problems and need expert opinion to fix it.
With the guidance of the sales group, the necessary measurements are made by our expert engineers and technicians at the place where the problem occurs. After these measurements, the most economical solution is developed by considering the expectations of the customer.
These results are given to the relevant person in the sales group who made the request in a report.
This service is free.

After Sales Service

It is the repair of our defective devices from our customers and making them work again.
Depending on the size of the device and the type of malfunction, all malfunctions of your device are eliminated at our technical service station if necessary at the customer site.

Maintenance Contract Services

Maintenance Contracts aim to take the necessary precautions to prevent malfunction of devices whose warranty expired, and to extend their economic life by periodically performing maintenance.

Despite the periodic maintenance, if the device malfunctions due to the device or usage errors, the device is intervened.

There are two types of contracts we offer to our customers.